Robotic Systems


We design tailor-made systems for IML and takeout based on six-axis or cartesian robots to achieve the perfect solution for the customer’s objectives.

The use of a six-axis robot can reduce floor space when placed on top of the injection machine, also a feature of cartesian robots.

Six-axis and cartesian robots can be used for many products by only changing pending parts.

Imdecol systems based on a six-axis or cartesian robot are known as high-speed systems with a mold intrusion time of 1.2-1.9 seconds. They also have low scrap rates on robust and low maintenance costs.

6 axis robotic system for 25 Liter Basket

6 axis robotic system for laundry Basket

Peripheral IML System – 6 Axis

 Axis IML Robotic system for Beer Crate

3 axis Cartesian IML robotic system 1 cav.

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