It is not an ordinary label as there is no glue on it. It is a label made of the same material from which the product is made. Due to the temperature and pressure of the molten plastic being injected into the mold, the label is embedded in the wall of the object and thus becomes an integral part of it.

Various methods are available for printing the labels. Flexo, gravure, offset, screen, digital, etc., are all suitable printing technology and, depending upon the technology chosen, varying quality degrees can be reached. Offset printing, for example, can reproduce a perfect photographic image on the label.

The plastic label is permanently imbedded into the plastic and the product and label become one only object.
There are no edges on the label that may possibly give rise to peeling off (so-called “no edge advantage”) and it is impossible to remove if not by grinding the molded object itself.

The answer is “YES, subject to verification”. In many cases, only minor modifications are necessary to enable us to use the same mold for IML production. In other words, it is possible to  change the appearance of a product while continuing to use the same type of shapes and the same molds.

In terms of technological equipment, certainly YES; but these heavy costs have already been covered by us.
In terms of development and labels production, absolutely NOT.

Because the label, in becoming an integral part of the object itself, is impossible to remove, has a guaranteed longer life and reduced costs since it allows to eliminate all post-mold labeling operations and equipment.

PP stands for Pending parts, i.e. Set which enables manufacturing different product on the same robot.

Meaning, where the  label joint line will be usually described via clock position.

The label covers 5 sides of a rectangular container, When flattened gets the shape of an X or Cross.

Device which ensures mold will be mounted in the same position each time it mounted in the IMM. Example attached.

In some applications customer wants our robot to control features in the mold .

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