End of line automation- take out from injection machine onto a conveyor, vision test (QA) and rejected station, stacking, sleeving, take into the box, box erector, box sealer, print and apply a label (RFID or Barcode) on box/pallet, palletizing.

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A complete automated solution for cutlery takeout, stacking and inserting into a bag

Turnkey automation system for assembly and packing of wipe lids- assembly, stacking, sleeving the lids (flow pack), box erector, insert the lids into a box, and box sealing. The system includes integrating off-the-shelf automation machines for the flow pack, box erector, and box sealer in the packing process.


An exhaustive range of solutions to print barcodes and variable data on a self-adhesive labels to be then automatically applied on the product to identify.

Automatic packing process of plastic lids into boxes. The process involves taking out from the molding machine, stacking, and boxing.

End of line automation- Production line of Air conditionerVaried options for the basis of the packing – wood pallet, carton, and styrofoam.


Automation system for production of a lid for baby food.
Turnkey solution: Take out, assembly of 3 parts, assembly check by vision, foil sealing, vision check of sealing, closing, stacking, sleeving and boxing.

A packing system for vegetables. One out of six stations in the packing line that are under development process.

Seeds packing machine.

Packing small size boxes into a large box. Adjustable for varied sizes of boxes. The video was taken on field acceptance test at BOS’ site.

Automatic and Custom Made Packing lines and machines.

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