IML Side Entry or Top Entry Robotic Systems

In-mold labeling is the use of labels during the manufacture of containers through blow molding,  injection molding, or  thermoforming processes. The labeling serves as an integral part of the final product, which is then delivered as a pre-decorated item.  Combining the decoration process with the molding process cuts the total cost, but may increase the manufacturing time.

BOS ROBOTICS designs tailor-made IML Side Entry Robotic Systems to achieve the customer’s goals in the most efficient way.

IML Side Entry Servo Robotic Systems – The fastest and most efficient way to insert a label into a mold. It is extremely effective when the requirement is to use the same system to handle labeling, takeout, and stacking.

IML Top Entry Servo Robotic System – A very cost-effective solution when only label inserting is needed and the product specification allows use of this solution.

BOS ROBOTICS IML robotic systems have a reputation of being high-speed systems (our mold intrusion time is less than a second) as well as having low scrap rates on robust and low maintenance costs. We can design robots for any type of product container or lid and label type such as Flat, “L”, cross, butterfly, “U”, 4 sides and wraparound labels.labeling

Takeout Side Entry Servo Robotic Systems

Takeout Side Entry Servo Robotic Systems – the fastest and most efficient solution to take out multi-cavity products from the mold and stack on a conveyor belt.

IML Video Catalogue

Lids Stack Mold Take Out & Stacking Automation

IML Robot with six stations developed by BOS Imdecol. In the video, you can see one out of six assembly stations

One cavity of Nutella 3kg container. Take out of the container and two lids and then stacking.

Premium IML Robots Robot in Process – All in one IML, Takeout, Assembly, Conveyor, Vision, Stacking.

BOS Imdecol IML Side entry with six-axis robot for a 25-liter basket. wrap around label ( 2 labels, one for each side of the basket)

Bos Imdecol IML side entry with six-axis robot for a lid.

Side entry IML robot by six-axis robot (Fanuc) – 1 cavity 5 liter

IML Side Entry by six axis robot 5 galon bucket one cavity

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