About us

BOS Imdecol is a leader provider of In Mold Label robotic systems and of tailor-made robots for industrial process.

BOS Imdecol is part of BOS group (NASDAQ:BOSC, 100 employees and annual revenues of $33m). BOS group provides complete set of technologies and services for inventory production and control starting at the production site, through the warehouse and at the retail store. BOS technology and services step up the corporate into the edge of Smart Factory, Warehouse and store.


Our core business is to provide fully automated solutions from molding machines to “ready to sell” products:

In Mold Labeling Systems (IML)

Take-Out & Stacking Systems

Complete Packaging Systems

Cutlery – automatic processing and packaging

Monitored vision Q.C. Process

As a company, our goal is to maximize your production & minimize your cost.


Fast mold intrusion time = Production efficiency.

Multi cavity production

Handling a large number of products at the same time.

Accuracy & Repeatability

Endless cycles routines maintaining accuracy.


Built to last, robust design and quality components.


Design to incorporate more future products.

Time to market

Short delivery time.

Our Story 

Imdecol is focused on innovation. We are inspired to create best-in-class products to enhance our clients’ profits and performance. Every engineering challenge energizes us and gives us the freedom to invent and to look for the right solution. Our way of thinking guides us and inspires us to move forward. Our strength comes from this philosophy, based on the visionary principles of our founder, Benny Katz.

Our success in the global marketplace is the result of our continued investment in the IML category. We thank our customers for the loyalty and trust they have shown us and look forward to challenging ourselves to create new products and services that will continue to bring value for the next .

Our Values

Accountability – we stand behind our solutions and never stop re-inventing them. 
Make things better – always strive towards finding new ways to increase our knowledge and experience.
Energy – we are restless, passionate, outspoken and enthusiastic about our work.
Quality – only premium materials can perform at the speed and accuracy our robots demand.
People – we understand that people make the robots work, so we created a human environment that is fun to work at.
Competition – the perfect solution is the one that is competitive not only in performance but also in price

Benny Katz
Founder, President and CTO

M.Sc. Eng.
With over 40 years of experience in designing and delivering automation systems, Benny Katz founded Imdecol with the intention of delivering high-quality and innovative solutions for the industry.
As a seasoned mechanical engineer, Benny is the driving force behind Imdecol’s international success.

“Coming from a long line of metal workers, my passion is to bring my inanimate metal designs to life.”

Alon Heth
VP sales and marketing

Alon has vast experience in building international sales networks based on distributors and agents around the world.

Alon has many years of experience in managing both sales and sales teams in several companies and industries such as Plastics, Natural Stone, Gas & Energy and Medical devices. Alon has a multidisciplinary experience that enables him to be both creative and successful whilst working in cutting-edge technology and perfecting the company’s attitude to human relations.

“If you can not sell it, I do not want to invent it”. 
Thomas Edison”