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Photo: a robot is extracting using a side arm (SIDE ENTRY), which is built to extract injected products from the injection mold, an 8-enclave mold extracted simultaneously.

TAKE-OUT Systems - Extraction

A robotic auxiliary system supports the activity of plastic molding presses for injection molding,
thermoforming, or blow molding. The robot extracts the products from the mold quickly, efficiently,
and economically. In many cases, the robot performs actions which cannot be performed by humans.
This system is uniquely adapted to the production line and constitutes a collection of pickup conveyors
and stacking options after the initial product extraction.

Photo: sleeving system for wipes lids after being injected, stacking 50 lids per stack, positioning them horizontally, and transferring them to the bag sleeving system.

SLEEVING Systems- Sleeving

Sleeving systems can be added to products stacked by the stacking system. “Bags” can be packed in
flexible plastic sleeves in any amount required. The sleeve can be sealed on both ends or left open on
one end. The end of the sleeve bag can be welded or glued with adhesive that is easily opened when

Photo: a conveyor belt transferring plastic plates, after their manufacturing, to a robotic packaging applicator that stacks the plates in cardboard boxes according to a predetermined quantity.

Automatic PACKING Systems - Packaging

The sky’s the limit! We can manufacture robots which take the final products and feed them (with or
without a sleeve/with or without a band) into boxes in specific order or quantity. Our robots operate
quickly, efficiently, and without interruptions. The box can be sealed with adhesive tape or be left open,
the boxes can be stacked on a surface or be left on a conveyor belt. All to the client’s specifications.

Photo: a set of 4 cameras for a plate injection system (squared) as they were taken out of the mold.

VISION Systems

Robotic vision systems (VISION) can be added to production lines in order to make the quality assurance process more efficient, tracking final products, and rejecting defective products. The system is often combined with a conveyor array which routes the defective products to a separate box.

Each parameter required for the control system can be examined: dimensions, colors, shapes, directions, plastic injection hacks, label presence (IML, BML), label correctness, label position, and more.

One camera and even a set of several cameras can be added according to the injection line, the number of enclaves in the mold, and more.

The VISION system is often a part of a complete set of solutions such as TAKE-OUT, STACKING, etc. (as detailed below).


STACKING Systems- Stacking Products

These systems are designed and built specifically for the client’s production system. They are often
combined with the extraction system. The result is a robotic system which “receives” the products as
they come out of the molds and stacks them in any desired way.
The product can be stacked according to number of products per stack which will accommodate a secondary operation such as sleeving or box packaging. A VISION system for control can also be incorporated into these systems.

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