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1. High Velocity – High volume cell (64 cavities)
2. Permitting enough peripheral cycle time for the 6 Axis robotic     
    arm to clear out rotating magazine.
3. Magazine design includes a unique rotating feature that aligns
    the product stacks in the same orientation.
• Tailor made system.
• High speed.
• Low scrap rates.
• Quick product changeover.
• Repeatability after product changeover.
• Robust.
• Low maintenance costs.

Common Design Points:


Application exmple:
Robotic system for 64 cavities mold capable of take-out, stacking and full packout.
Serving 3 different types of products with minimal parts changeover.

rulers, rulers, measure, size
tools, tools, hammer, tool, fix, make, generate, work, build
  1. Number of cavities: defined by customer.
  2. Mold intrusion time: 0.8 [sec]
  3. Flexible number of products per bag.
  4. Full packout for stackable & unstackable products.