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Common Design Points:

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Application Example:

The main difficulty in BML systems is limited space for main arm entering.
Our systems are capable of entering narrow spaces and opening up to twice the dimension.

• Tailor made system.
• High speed.
• Low scrap rates.
• Quick product changeover.
• Repeatability after product changeover.
• Robust.
• Low maintenance costs.

servo robotic system

BML- Blow Mold Extrusion Labeling
rulers, rulers, measure, size
tools, tools, hammer, tool, fix, make, generate, work, build
  1. Number of cavities: defined by customer.
  2. Mold intrusion time: 1-1.5 [sec]
  3. Types of labels: Flat, front & back.
  4. Precision: ± 0.1 [mm]
  5. Labels materials: Cardboard,  metal (gas barrier), fabric, cork chips, Polypropylene.