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With over 500 unique tailor-made systems designed, built and installed in the last two decades, IMDECOL has accumulated exceptional knowledge in the mold arena.

IMDECOL is recognized as one of the very top companies in the industry. IMDECOL, relied on its Research and Development, specialized in delivering Customer specific Tailor made Automation for the plastics industry.  Speed and Efficiency are the main characteristic of not only our systems but also of our way of work. IMDECOL has well established relationship and co-operation with leading mold and injection machines manufacturers.

About Us

Our core business is fully automated solutions from molding machine to “ready to sell” product:

• In Mold Labeling Systems (IML).
• Take-Out & Stacking Systems.
• Complete Packaging Systems.
• Cutlery – automatic processing and packaging
• Monitored vision Q.C. Process.

We maximize your production & minimize your cost

• Velocity – Fast mold intrusion time = Production efficiency.
• Multi cavity production – Handling a large number of products at the same time.
• Accuracy & Repeatability – Endless cycle’s routines maintaining accuracy.
• Reliability- Built to last, robust design and quality components.
• Flexibility – Design to incorporate more future products.
• Time to market – Short delivery time.

Our Story 
We are a company built on innovation. And these innovations inspire us to create best-in-class products that enhance the benefit of our clients. When we face an engineering challenge- it energized us, because, it gives us the liberty to invent and to look for the right solution. That’s our way of thinking that guides us and inspires us to move forward. The strength of our company comes from this philosophy—based on the visionary principles of our founder, Benny Katz.
Our success in the global marketplace is the result of our continued investment in IML category. We thank our customers for the loyalty and trust they’ve shown us. We look forward to challenging ourselves to create new products and services that bring value during the next 100 years.
Our Values
Accountability- we stand behind our solution and never stop re-invent them. 
Make things better – always strive towards finding new manners to make what we know better.
Energy- we are restless, passionate, outspoken and enthusiastic about our work.
Quality- only premium materials can perform at the speed and accuracy our robots demand.
People- we understand that people make the robots work, so we create a human environment that fun to work at.
Competitive- the perfect solution is the one that compete not only on performance but on price too .
Benny Katz, Founder, President  and  CTO
Raz Sheetrit, V.P. Sales & Marketing
Sergey Braslavsky, Electric & Program Manager
Benny Katz, Founder, President  and  CTO
Msc Eng.
With over 40 years of experience in designing and delivering automation systems, Benny Katz founded Imdecol with the intension to deliver quality and innovative solutions for the industry.
As a seasoned mechanical engineer, Benny is the driving force behind Imdecol international success.

"Coming from a long line of metal workers, my passion is bringing life to my inanimate metal design"

Raz Sheetrit, V.P. Sales & Marketing
After working alongside Imdecol, in different positions as an International Sales Manager, Raz identified Imdecol unique atmosphere and quality. He joined the company with the intension of bringing to light Imdecol values and expanding its global success.

"Although I promote robotic systems, my work is with humans"
M.Sc. Eng.
Sergey joined Imdecol back in 2005 with the intension to integrate a new line of electrical engineered automation.
Since 2010 he is leading the department of Electric & Program that includes technical service, PLC programing, electrical design and integration.
With over 20 years of experience in the industry he is considered to be one of the world experts in motion control.
"My passion is to make machines think for themselves"
Sergey Braslavsky, Electric & Program Manager
Guy Tubin, Head of Mechanical Design
Guy Tubin, Head of Mechanical Design
B.Sc. Eng.
Guy grew from between the ranks here at Imdecol. Contributing and driving to excellence. Since 2008 as the Head of Mechanical Design he leads a team of experienced professionals while being in constant communication with our customers from all over the world.
"It takes the same time to do a mediocre or excellent job"
Special solutions
This machine cuts out foil from a roll of material on place and fits it to the cap. In addition, vision inspection system verifies that the foil was inserted as needed.

•  Inserts foil into Ketchup cap
•  vision inspection system.

Off line solution for inserting
aluminum foil into plastic caps >>

Application example:
imdrcol's factory
imdrcol's factory
imdrcol's robot
tools, tools, hammer, tool, fix, make, generate, work, build
Common Design Points & skills:

• Offline action – permitting      product’s necessary  
   cooldown period.

• High speed – up to 50ppm.

• Low cost feeding material – 
  rolled aluminum foil.

• Very low scrap rates.

• Vision inspection – high 
  speed camera with light 
  filters and modifiers for   
  high performance.

This Soda bottles system Creates bottles with a base or
a clip, by gluing the base or the clip-ons to the soda bottles using hot glue. 

Sode Bottles Flexible system for
a wide range of bottles and bases >>

Application example:
Sode Bottles Flexible system
tools, tools, hammer, tool, fix, make, generate, work, build
Common Design Points & skills:

• Flexible design – handling 
  various bottles shapes and 
  sizes as well as different. 
  shapes of bottoms and clip-
  on fittings.

• High speed – normal rate 
  45ppm, can be increased.

• Tailor made to fit 
  customer’s needs for space 

• In line solution.

• Delivering final product   
  without human touch.

Spark inspection Flexible system for
a wide range of caps and spouts >>

Application example:
Spark inspection Flexible system
The Spark inspaction system checks caps and spouts for manufacturing defects.
Quality checks are based on spark detection and vision inspection. 
tools, tools, hammer, tool, fix, make, generate, work, build
Common Design Points & skills:

• Flexible design – handling 
  various caps and spouts   
  sizes .

• Offline – allowing 
  evaluating desired batches   
  of products .

• Mobile - can be easily 
  relocated near IMM 
  manufacturing examined